Celebrity Close Protection (CP)

Celebrities around the world face an ever increasing threat from criminals, kidnappers, stalkers and paparazzi. When there is a serious risk to a celebrity’s personal safety, family, property, reputation and career, the protection around a celebrity can often cause bad publicity if the professionalism of the CP Team is not of the required standard. When in the public eye, it is vital that a CP Team operating in a high or low profile celebrity environment maintains a ‘public friendly’ image but also maintains the capability to minimise threat and protect the principal in all situations. Legislation in the UK, which is governed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has made it illegal to use unqualified ‘Minders’. It is a legal requirement for Close Protection Operatives to hold an SIA Close Protection qualification and a valid SIA Close Protection License. Failure to do so will result in prosecution and non the indemnification of insurance.

Starguard provides celebrity Close Protection Operatives that understand the industry and have the ability to remain discreet when required but also have the ability to provide complete protection. CP Team Leaders (TLs) are capable of all duties including Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering, Route Selection, Transportation, Operational Planning, Hospitality and Media Liaison. This allows the celebrity and their staff to focus on their schedule without the worry of organising their own personal safety.