Event Guarding

Starguard UK is the events brand name of Keyguard UK Limited. Starguard UK has many years of experience in supplying Special Event Guarding Teams for numerous events.

Event Guarding is a branch of the security industry that requires SIA Licensed security personnel with the ability to operate in higher risk level environments than Static Guards whilst still maintaining an approachable customer focussed mode of operation.

Starguard UK Event Guarding personnel are required to fulfil a number of roles including:
  • Entry & Access control
  • Car Park Management
  • Searching
  • Crowd Control
  • QRF (Quick Reaction Force Teams)
  • Stage & Pit Teams
  • Artists & VIP Escort
Starguard UK has vast experience securing various events including weekend dance promotions and concerts to sports events, exhibitions and shows. Starguard UK will protect your event and your professional reputation.

The Process

A Starguard UK Security Consultant will visit the client at the venue and conduct a Security Site Survey in order to identify the exact service the client requires. Once the client confirms they wish to employ the services of Starguard UK the Security Consultant will conduct a Risk Assessment and create an Event Guarding Plan. Starguard UK will deploy a Starguard UK security team specifically trained to operate at the type of event you wish to promote.