Surveillance & Investigation

The need for Surveillance and Private Investigation has increased in recent years as the threat from fraudulent insurance claims, unethical business practice, infidelity and criminal activity has increased. To safeguard, your business and your family, intelligence gathering and the surveillance of potential offenders is vital.

Starguard can deploy highly experienced Surveillance Teams which comprise of experienced ex Military personnel trained in Surveillance, Close Target Reconnaissance and Private Investigation. Starguard will gather intelligence on offenders using advanced technology and present the client with a full report including video footage which may be used as prosecution evidence in a court of law.

Stargaurd provides the following services:

• Benefit & Insurance Fraud Investigation
• Partner Infidelity
• Paedophile Grooming or Extremist Indoctrination
• Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Criminal & Gang Related Activity
• Unethical Business Activity