Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Criminal & Gang Related Activity

Do you suspect your child may be involved in Drugs, Crime or Gang related activity?

Although many children are law abiding model sons and daughters, involvement in Drugs, Crime or Gang related activity can be a constant worry.

  • Do you suspect your children could be involved in drug, alcohol, criminal or gang related activity?
  • Do you know who your child is really with when he or she goes out?
  • Has your child shown any changes in behaviour such as erratic behaviour, unusually secretive, unusually tired, unusually energetic or unusually aggressive?
  • Have you had money or possessions go missing?
  • Have you noticed a change in the way your child speaks or dresses?
  • Have you discovered alcohol or drug related paraphernalia?
  • Does your instinct tell you something isn’t quite right but you have no proof?
Call Spyguard and speak in complete confidence to one of our Spyguard Consultants.

We will recommend an appropriate course of action and if you wish to proceed with an investigation, we will assign a Spyguard Investigator to your case.

We will obtain in depth information relating to the behaviour patterns and communication activity of your child.

Once the investigation is complete we will present you with a detailed written report and if required, a full explanation from the Investigator who carried out the assignment.